Tension Clamp

Anchoring Clamp
Product overview
The tension clamp is used for corner,connection and terminal connection.The spiral aluminium clad steel wire has very
strong tensile strength and no concentrated stress.It plays a protective and auxiliary role in vibration reduction of the cable.
The whole set of optical cable tension-resistant fittings includes:tension-resistant pre-twisted wire,matching connection
fittings.The clamp force is not less than 95%of the rated tensile strength of the optical cable,which is convenient and fast to
install and reduces the construction cost.It is suitable for ADSS cable lines with spacing less than 100 meters and line angle
less than 25 degrees.
Product overview
The clamp has high strength and reliable grip.The grip strength of wire clamp is not less than 95%CUTS.
The stress distribution of the clamp on the strand is uniform,and the strand is not damaged.The anti-vibration ability of
the strand is improved.and the service life of the conductor is prolonged greatly.
The installation is simple and convenient for construction.It can greatly shorten the construction time and complete
the operation by one person without any special tools
Installation quality of wire clip is easy to guarantee.It can be inspected with naked eye without special training.
Good corrosion resistance.select high quality materials.Material and wire are identical.which ensures that wire
fixture has strong resistance to electrochemical corrosion.
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